She Was


Last night I somehow stumbled upon

a whole bottle of jager

and we drank it,

the three of us,

in less than three hours I’m guessing.



whose name meant “the bay”,

bringing all of my ships in

like a siren,

her and all of those auras were there too.

She pushed off when she had gotten her fill,

which is to be expected of a person like her

who has everywhere to be

and not enough arm-span

to give the world a gentle,

platonic pat on the back and sigh deeply,

“You need to do more.

What you’re doing right now is very, very smart

but I expect more from you.

I’m an artist.

I know what I’m saying.”

So I just sat and watched her laugh a goodbye

and thought about how full she was;

how full to the brim with empty

she was.


Liz Foster



Author: circadianrefrain

Female. 26. Writer/Artist

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