When You Know that You’re About to Let Somthing Go


After that night

a snow storm came and

Knocked the power out for a whole day and night.

I couldn’t leave the house.


It was lonely.


Mom and I had to heat up snow

so that we could flush the toilets

and boil water.

Two nights before then

I tried my hardest to get drunk

so that I could read my poems

in front of everyone.

I almost wish I hadn’t

because maybe then I would remember more of it.


Glass after glass

of my mom’s Lake Niagara wine I drank.


When I walked through the back door

of the coffee shop

I suddenly became aware

of how drunk I was.

Everyone was packed into one room

and all of their eyes

smelled the wine on me.



Liz Foster



Author: circadianrefrain

Female. 26. Writer/Artist

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