Actions Speak

Actions Speak

with mouths


and opened up

so that you can see deep
down into the place
where things really

take place.
Down the tongue,
pink with fresh determination, 
a polished carapace.

with teeth

showing and bared.
I reached out and touched
your front incisors
with the gap in them
because I wanted to feel
your communication.
Your teeth are hardened  

chalk mineral variations

of the inside creamy emptiness.
Our actions

speaking now only in sounds   
in hums,
rhythmic and consistent,

We lie on our sides facing each other

All day long

And into the night

Till be begin to resemble moons

curving towards one another,
Our lips and limbs

as parched and still

as an animal’s jaw bone

in the grass and soil.

And we don’t cease

To pause,

to breathe.

We paint our landscape

In tones of circadian refrain.


Author: circadianrefrain

Female. 26. Writer/Artist

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