Hollywood Crucifixion


Hollywood Crucifixion 

mixed-media on foam board 

Liz Foster


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Idle Whoreship


For Shia LaBeouf



25 million net worth baby daddy.

My fever induced lover.

You put your hand over your brow and back away slowly better than anyone I know.

Touch my soul and

then tomorrow we will wake up next to each other and that old world will be just like a dream.

Your fame, the highest knot in the rope,

and how could I ever climb up to you?

Hands, one over each around you, whole.

Cock fever lover

that burned inside me while I slept

and presented himself the next day in the form of aching legs

and dizziness.

What were the conditions for your birth

And how did this all-consuming fire come to be known?

Medicine tides,

the impossibility of us,

the vibrating of movement just underneath my skin,

the wanting to move.

Everything that I have is so small.

I strive to catch up with you.

Let’s just keep moving back and forth now,

one silence traveling between two endless distances.

Where are you, Shia?

I miss you.

I’m sorry too.